5 Minute Initiative: Eldritch Horror

5minuteimageIt has been awhile since our last 5 Minute Initiative so we thought we would throw one out between our next to Episodes. Marty and I discuss Eldritch Horror and our likes and dislikes of this game. That is right, there are some drawbacks for us, but for me, I think I enjoy this one the most out of the Cthulhu series by FFG. Below are some Pros and Cons that we threw together to help you with the game if you haven’t played it yet.

Mechanics are similar to Arkham so easy to understand if you have played that game,The game takes awhile to play and longer with newer players (3-4 hours)
Art is always incredible in these games, Flavor text is great but gets old
Four very tough Elder Ones in the core set, Only four included in the the core set – expansions for sure
Loot Loot Loot, You can die easily in this game (but you get to come back as a new character)
Good player interaction, Analysis Paralysis can happen in this game
Random mysteries and order of mysteries for each Elder provides good replayability


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