5 Minute Initiative: Chaos & Alchemy

Chaos & Alchemy is a game designed by Michael Iachini and published by Game Salute. At this time of this writing, the game is live on Kickstarter

In the game, you play the role of an alchemist who is performing experiments in order to learn how to turn lead into gold. Experiments are in the form of cards that can be drawn during the game and can be played on your turn when you have successfully performed experiments.

Success or failure of an experiment is determined by rolling three dice and comparing the value of each die to the current value of the fortune die. If it is equal to or higher, that counts as a success, if not, it counts as a failure. Successes can be used to draw more cards into your hand or to play cards from your hand. Cards can be experiments that count towards the games goal of 10 points, they could be action cards that give an instant ability or they may be misfortune cards played on other players in order to make it harder for them to reach their endgame goal.

If doubles are ever rolled on the dice, the player will re-roll the fortune die giving a new value that future experiments must meet.

This is light, fast game that involves a lot of player interaction. As with any dice game, a certain amount of luck is involved, but sometimes it takes luck to succeed in a laboratory.

Here is my family’s thoughts on the game.

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