RDTN Episode 82 – Who Are You: You got Questions, We got Answers

Well, the end is upon us. We have completed another year of podcasting and we thought, hey, for our Third Anniversary show how about we answer some questions. And as I always say when someone says “I got a question”, I respond back “I got an answer, maybe they will match”. And this has never been more true than in this show.  When we thought of doing this, we were concerned that only our 3rdanniversarymothers would send in some questions, but we were very surprised by the response we got and we thank you for it especially since our mothers didn’t come through. Some of the questions were very thought provoking on our part, some were no brainers, and others just caused a squirrel moment. Hopefully we covered all that were asked and some answers may make you sit back and go “Really?”.

This is the last show for the year and we will return in January ready to take on 2016. We look forward to returning next year with more reviews, Flying Squirrels, and bring back our regular guests. Who knows what will occur in 2016, but hopefully we will continue to entertain, inform and make fools of ourselves.  Thanks for listening in 2015 and please don’t hesitate to drop us a line either at our BGG Guild, Facebook Page, or here.

Be sure to come back to our website later today for an announcement on how we plan to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary.

Segments, Time
Flying Squirrels, 3:30
BGG Membership Drive, 4:15
Adventure Scents, 6:00
Please be Safe for the Holidays, 8:00
Stonemaier Games Charity Auction, 10:00
7 Wonder: Duel, 12:00
Subterfuge iOS Application, 13:30
Happy Farm, 16:00
Q&A Time, 16:30
Outro, 1:15:00

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