RDTN Episode 75 – Feel Like a Number: Codenames, The Grizzled, Mafia de Cuba, New Salem, and Chit Chat

The ladies are back for another episode of Chit Chat. We continue our relationship discussions about games, but this time, it is all about your worse experience with a blind suzcroppeddate. You know, your friends set you up to play this great game only to have one of your worse experiences in gaming. Either the chemistry wasn’t right or it wasn’t something you would enjoy. The ladies will also share with you a couple of games that they played recently that might deserve your attention.

We also talked about some quick filler games we played. Everyone is talking about Codenames and The Grizzled and we share our opinions of the game. One that you might not heard about is Mafia de Cuba and there are some differing opinions about the game between Marty and I. Nothing earth shattering, but it just shows our difference in opinion of these type of deduction games. Marty also talked about New Salem that I didn’t get to play and after listening to him talk about, kind of glad I missed that one.

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Segment, Time
CSI Contest, 1:15
The Grizzled, 5:00
New Salem, 11:30
Codenames, 15:30
Mafia de Cuba, 20:45
Chit Chat, 26:15
Rhi’s take on The Grizzled, 28:00
Suz’s talks Trickster, 33:30
The Blind Date Board Game, 39:15
Outro, 1:03:00
Side Quest, 01:04:00
Future Shows, 01:06:00

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