RDTN: 5 Minute Initiative: Eldritch Horror – Forsaken Lore

We are big fans of the coop game Eldritch Horror from Fantasy Flight Games. The mechanics are good, the theme is enjoyable and win or lose, it’s always a great gaming experience. So obviously we were excited to get our hands on the latest Eldritch Horror expansion Forsaken Lore. It contains a new Great Old One, new encounters for the existing Great Old Ones and lots of new items and spells. So is it worth getting and risking going even losing more of your sanity? Listen and find out.


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  1. David Miller

    This is the first podcast of yours I’ve listened to. I really enjoyed it and your banter back and forth gave me a fuller perspective than a lone reviewer would have provided.

    Thanks! =)

    • admin

      Thanks! Stop back by after you played and let us know how you liked it or you can chat with us on our

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