RDTN Episode 262: Nidavellir, Fire & Stone, Flying Squirrels, Taste Buds

00:00:40 Intro
00:04:17 Road Trip
00:07:50 Ignacy In Charlotte
00:09:45 Marty’s In My Wallet
00:17:05 More Banter
00:20:00 Taste Buds
00:30:07 Ultra Pro
00:33:00 Flying Squirrels
00:35:20 Legos behind glass
00:37:08 Leviathans is back
00:39:05 Ghost Galaxy
00:41:00 Puerto Rico 1897
00:43:03 Vikings in Nature
00:45:09 Clank
00:47:17 Portal Games
00:49:17 Nidavellir
01:03:00 Miniature Market
01:04:10 Fire & Stone
01:19:05 Nintendo Direct

Sometimes simple mechanics can have opposite effects when playing a game as we found out with the two games we review in this episode. Nidavellir and its expansion hit the table and just the simple mechanic of bidding for when you get to go brought on tension and strategy that left an impact on us. We really understood why this game was getting the praise it did. Be honest, you aren’t doing anything truly mind-blowing here. You are simply bidding and taking a card. But there is such strategy wrapped up in those actions. And then when you put the expansion in the mix, watch out.

Then we come to Fire & Stone where it was the simplest mechanic of move and flip over a tile. This should build the tension and strategy on what to do, but it left a little flat and due to some constraints, made it difficult for some players to really get going in the game. We believe the strategy came down on the collection of the various “foods”, but even that didn’t create the tension you get from the push your luck if you decide to go one direction over the other when revealing hidden items. It could also be we were expecting a heavier game than what we got, so that puts it on us to step back and see what we might have not grasped when we played.

Thanks for listening and in the next Podcast, we talk about what is it that Gen Con might be missing this year

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