RDTN Episode 169: Fifth Annual Screening, Streaming, or Steaming Summer Movie Preview

The 5th Annual Movie Show with our good buddies Dan Patriss and Chris Kirkman. This is going to be a big summer of movies and we wish we had enough time to cover all the summer releases, but that would be a six hour show. Instead, we only looked at those movies that were nationwide releases, not limited releases. Then we had to take that list and shorten it up even more by voting on them so we could get it down to a manageable amount. There are so many good releases early in the summer that many of the releases in August just didn’t make the cut.

Will give a spoiler here, we didn’t have that many steaming picks this year like in previous years. Hope you enjoy the episode and we will return in our next episode with more gaming discussions.

Time, Segment
00:00, Intro
10:30, Time for the Movies
49:20, Miniature Market
50:08, Back to the Movies
1:31:20, Portal Games
1:32:15, Fantasy Movie Draft
1:51:00, The Broken Token

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