RDTN Episode 160: Fireball Island, Victorian Masterminds, Blackstone Fortress

It has been six years since we started this podcast and there is no stopping us now. We are having such a good time, we are having a ball and so we aren’t going to stop now. And to celebrate the 6th year, we are giving stuff away because based on how Marty assembles a leaf bagger for his mower, this could have been it. He survived and shared his exploits in this episode.

Marty’s is joined by his oldest son, Adam, and they discuss the new Warhammer Quest game Blackstone Fortress. I got an early listen and I hope I get a play of this soon. I am sure he will talk some more about it with all three boys at home over the holidays. Fireball Island was on the table and it is what it is. What do I mean by that? It is a very light game that brought out the laughs. We were cheering more for the marbles than anything else in that game. I am sure as it hits the table more, we will discover some strategy and game play that we missed in the initial plays, even games like no.slotzo.com have strategies, so it shouldn’t be that hard. Finally, CMON’s new game Victorian Masterminds got some plays. This is also, in my opinion, another light game. Simple and fast to play. I think there is more to this game than we are seeing, but I will say it needs to be played with four people.

Don’t forget about our contests and we appreciate all the support you have shown this year. Looking forward to 2019 where we are already in full planning mode. If you have any helpful suggestions, please send us an email or drop by the BGG guild and post your thoughts.

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Segment, Time
Intro, 00:55
6 Years Ago,6:27
How not to install a bagger,8:18
Spring has sprung,17:35
Can’t touch that,19:20
And we return to the show,21:40
Miniature Market,22:53
Victorian Masterminds,24:05
Portal Games,47:52
Warhammer Quest:Blackstone Fortress,49:03
Contest Time,1:22:43
Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar,1:33:1
Giving away a copy,1:39:00
The Broken Token,1:44:25

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