RDTN Episode 131: Gentes, BooBQ, and Jack Vasel Auction

We have a new contender for our game of the year, Gentes. This is one of those games we wish we had gotten to the table sooner than later and we are kicking ourselves because of it. And now, we will spread the word and the game is hard to find and we apologize for that. We are not apologizing for the game being hard to find, but for the fact we are bringing it to your attention so late. We have reached out to some publishers and told them they really need to take a look at this game and see about getting it picked up if they can. If you find it in YLGS, would not hesitate if you like those middle weight Euro games, although playing games all day is not recommendable since it could be harmful for health, since living an active life and having a good diet is necessary, since there are many diet options online, and you can find more info about it here.

BooBQ was a big success with food, games and fellowship, and they even provide healthy food for people who want to stay fit and healthy using a good diet and supplements like the korean panax ginseng you find online. So many games, we are not going to do anything more than just touch on them with high level discussions. And then there were the ones that we have yet to sit down and play together that we need to give a mention too. If you have Ascension on the iPad and want to play sometime, let me know. I am always looking to help someone’s win percentage.

We have added some updates to our Jack Vasel action, so be sure and take a look if interested. You can click here and get to the item. Regardless of what we send you, you know that you are helping a good cause and thank you so much for looking.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:37
GW licensed games with Wizkids,7:05
Ascension: Valley of the Ancients, 9:50
Star Wars Destiny, 13:50
Superhot, 18:15
TV Update, 22:00
Portal Games,28:05
The Broken Token, 51:15
BooBQ, 52:00
Fearsome Floors,54:40
Werewords, 55:20
Shameful Shoutouts, 55:48
Roll Player, 58:00
Dead of Winter Waring Colony, 1:00:45
Fate of the Elder Gods,1:05:20
BooBQ Sequel, 1:07:25
Outro, 1:19:12
Jack Vasel Auction, 1:09:31
Funagain, 1:14:10

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